Alarm security (monthly payment)


Departure of experts to the object to assess the task
For how long do you want to connect the object?
Specify the location where the object is located

If you need to ensure safety in the building during your absence

We offer security solutions for rentals, yachts, and events around the world. Make sure your properties are safe during your trip.

Put alarm on your rental or put several manned guards around your event or property to prevent any incidents.

Departure of experts to the object to assess the task – $ 50.

Additional costs are paid for transport and other expenses of the contractor related to the arrival of security officers at the facility and their subsequent departure from the facility to the place of their location.

The class and composition of the monitoring and signaling system is determined by agreement with the customer after the specialists have left for the site for evaluation.

Call a rapid response team: $ 450…1’200 in one case, depends on the distance to the protected object.

Protection of the object by armed guards: $ 600…1’200 per day, depends on the scale of the object and the number of guards.